Imperius : Breastplate WiP

This is probably the only build I’m going to be able to do this year.. so I’m going all out on it. Cinematic version or bust.

After ripping the games model (as a base) and breaking down the armor into parts, I started making the breastplate today.

After what felt like way too long of a time planning and tinkering with templates, I figured out what I wanted and cut the template out. Turned out being only 4 pieces in the end.

And then the test taping! Much cleanup and work will go into this tomorrow.

Glad to finally be working on this again.

This chest has a lot of layers, as seen here:

I started by sealing up the top and reinforcing the hell out of the inside/outside of the first collar using fiberglass and rondo – That first layer is going NOWHERE.
I then started tinkering with adding the 2nd layer of collars.

Then the third

Then the bottom first layer and back segment.

I will be designing the sun on the front tonight and tomorrow.. then I have to actually make it. After that its a whole hell of a lot of trim and cleaning – but I’m happy with the direction its going so far!

The screws are incredibly temporary, needed a reliable way to keep the plates in place while I templated out the next bit while still being able to remove them entirely.


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