About Me

My name is Caleb Neal, and I hail from Southern California. In a past life I ran a small business troubleshooting and repairing computers and networks for homes and small businesses. I do the same thing now, except for someone else. This frees up a bit of time to pursue a newer passion of mine – building things. I have always enjoyed works of theater and film, to me the glimpse into other worlds they provide is one of life’s great joys. A few years ago I finally tried my hand at building something from one of the many universes created by film, and found I had a passion for it.

Many projects have come and gone since then, each of them a new and interesting venture, each one an improvement on past works. I moved to California recently to try my hand at eventually contributing to the film and theater I love so much – and in pursuit of that goal I have met many fantastic and talented individuals. The costuming community here is the greatest I have encountered, and I stand honored to be a part of our collective struggles to create. I hope you enjoy the work I post here, and I hope one day to give back to the community that has brought me so much joy. Keep on creating my friends, keep on creating.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Glad to see someone out there who respects creativity in their own unique way. There is something special behind films, video games, and books that allows a personal attachment and spark. From the work I’ve seen of yours, I think you’re gifted in your craft. Great fabrications. As a writer, I’m inspired by the same things as you and you sir, are not squandering that talent it enhances.

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